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Scientists develop Quantum processors that could open up new possibilities

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Jul, 01 2022

Jul, 01 2022

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Quantum computer physicists from UNSW Sydney have created a quantum processor that can simulate atomic-scale behavior of organic molecules, successfully meeting a challenge set 60 years ago by physicist Richard Feynman.

As part of current efforts, the world's first operational quantum computer is in development. This will represent a significant leap forward in quantum computing.

With this accomplishment, the team achieved a major milestone in their quest to build a quantum computer and demonstrated their ability to control quantum states of electrons and atoms in silicon with a level that is unmatched.

In an interview, Michelle Simmons - the founder of SQC who is leading a research project at the University of New South Wales - disclosed that the technology has a number of potential uses, including drug development, chemistry, and could be used to increase food supply.

Professor Simmons said, "If you go back to the 1950s, Richard Feynman said you can't understand how nature works unless you can build matter at the same length scale."

"And so that's what we're doing. We're literally building it from the bottom up, where we are mimicking the polyacetylene molecule by putting atoms in silicon with the exact distances that represent the single and double carbon-carbon bonds."

Quantum computers operate by following different rules than classical computers, which is the main difference. They work with qubits versus bits and bytes.

In a qubit, atoms, photons, electrons, and ions are joined by adjacent control devices for the purpose of computing memory and processing.

Professor Simmons and her colleagues will next explore larger compounds, such as superconductors, which have either not been simulated or fully understood, but may have been predicted.


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