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Salesforce officially announced launch of NFT Cloud pilot program to help brands and businesses mint and sell NFT assets

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Jun, 17 2022

Jun, 17 2022

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Cloud based leading customer relationship management tech company Salesforce officially announced the launch of its NFT Cloud pilot program which is a platform to help brands and businesses mint and sell NFT assets. The program is designed to provide its customers with an easy-to-use and comprehensive suite of tools for managing their own NFT campaigns.

In the company’s 2022 Connections conference in a statement, Salesforce said brands can now mine, manage, and sell NFTs directly from the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, engage online communities and gather data from their offerings. It can also securely connect customer data for a 360° view of the customer's physical and digital lives. In response to a growing eagerness among Salesforce customers to expand into web3, this new NFT pilot program has been launched.

On Monday in a virtual press conference, senior vice-president of emerging technology at Salesforce Adam Caplan said “Our cloud pilot is built with sustainability at its core,”. “It has net-zero built-in, so our brands can enter this space with a values-led approach.”

According to Caplan, the new pilot program will provide brands with more sustainable blockchain options. It will also include automating carbon emission calculations and letting brands offset emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Salesforce supports the Crypto Climate Accord by working with sustainability and climate leaders around the world.

The key pillars for the new NFT pilot program are trust and security. Smart contracts for Salesforce clients have been written hence coding is not required as per Caplan. To reduce fraud and avoid some of the challenges associated with smart contracts, the company audited these contracts. Additionally, the company is "working with third-party partners" to protect clients' crypto wallets and provide a "secure and authenticated checkout experience." As per Salesforce, the new NFT pilot program was designed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Salesforce officially stakes its claim in web3 NFT. NFT Cloud leads an easy-to-use stepping stone into the world of NFTs.

This pilot program currently is available to limited customers. In October it will be offered widely.

Currently, the website for the initiative does not clarify which blockchain platform(s) will be used to mint NFTs. However, any blockchains that use an energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus model will not be supported. It is not clear still whether Salesforce intends to tap any NFT platform that ultimately interacts with Ethereum’s mainnet.

About NFT :

An NFT is a blockchain token. It serves as proof of ownership for an item that can be digital or physical. Most used NFT cases are digital artwork, profile pictures, sports collectibles, and video game items. In case of brand loyalty initiatives, to access things like private web communities and real-world events NFTs can be used. As per Adam Caplan, brands are doesn’t likely to use NFTs for selling collectibles without functional utility. Rather prefer to use it for purposes like engagement and access.

Polygon and Immutable X are scaling platforms that cut down on Ethereum's environmental impact.

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