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World’s renowned electronic music producer deadmau5 is partnering with Zytara to bring the first-ever digital banking experience

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Jun, 15 2022

Jun, 15 2022

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World’s renowned electronic music producer deadmau5 announced about completion of branding deal with bank, NFT and digital currency fintech company Zytara Inc. to bring the first-ever branded, digital banking experience for his fans and merchants worldwide.

Zytara will be working with deadmau5 to develop and provide the interactive and branded Zytara banking app. Through Zytara banking app deadmau5 fans will get the opportunity to interact with his brand along with custom-designed deadmau5-branded physical and virtual debit cards. Members can easily sign up for a spending account. deadmau5-branded banking app helps fans to connect directly with deadmau5's online stores, buy his merchandise, buy concerts tickets, pop-ups and in-game purchases. At over 45 million merchants globally the deadmau5 branded physical and virtual debit cards can be used.  

The Zytara Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard. Mastercard International Incorporated and the circles design are registered trademarks. Currently the Zytara App and Zytara Card are available only in the US.

This exclusive partnership shows that branded banking experiences can be deployed by celebrities, brands, and influencers to deepen connection with their audience hence it brought together the world of entertainment and fintech in an engaging approach to payments, gaming and Music.

deadmau5 will also join the Zytara Advisory Board. Deadmau5 is an expert in gaming. The fanbase he has is quite large  that attracts a broad demographic. His fans will now can directly interact with his brand.

To build tailored user experiences for their fans, while they use Zytara’s digital banking platform the fintech company is also partnering with other brands.

About Zytara Inc.

Zytara is founded in 2019. It is an innovative financial technology company building the digital financial institution. The company’s full-service NFT production studio, Zytara Labs, work on supporting musical artists, actors, gamers, sports teams, and other brands with the creation, sales, and marketing of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Zytara Labs which is Zytara’s offshoot is an NFT production studio for music artists, actors, gamers, sports teams, and other brands.


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