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Felix capital Completed funding raising round worth of $600M to invest in blockchain and Web3 companies

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Jun, 13 2022

Jun, 13 2022

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London-based venture capitalist Felix capital has completed its fourth funding round. The firm has raised $600M that will benefit 20 to 25 companies in North America and Europe. The fund will be used in investing in blockchain crypto, and Web3 companies.

Felix Capital is a Venture capitalist for the “Creative Class“ to invest in the early stage growth funding round. Investing in the fund will focus on the firm's sweet spot of commerce-driven startups, complementing businesses that work on tools to help run them, with new spins on cryptocurrency and web3.0.


The firm now has$1.2 billion in total assets under management following the raise. According to the announcement post from Felix Capital, the firm is planning to expand its areas of interest and strengthen its exposure to Web3 which is a new platform for creativity, community, and entrepreneurship. According to an interview with Frederick Court, the company plans to double down on existing bets and is actively looking to invest across Europe and North America in at least 25companies that can capitalize on changing customer behavior.

The company's original target to raise funds was $500M as per the founder and managing investment partner, Frederic Court, which was oversubscribed by 20% wrote Felix Capital in a blog post.

With the collective experiences of its investors and a focus on investment, Felix believes it will be able to carry it through times that may become more challenging for startups and growth, possibly laying the foundation for a healthier approach overall.

Investments made by Felix :

Farfetch andDeliveroo, as well as the likes of Sorare, Papier, Juni, Cocomelon ownerMoonbug, scooter startup Dott, and Goop, are the companies that fall under Felix'sportfolio. It has made investments which include British Portuguese online fashion platform Farfetch, food delivery app Deliveroo, and Peloton, a company offering internet-connected stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. Ingrid Lunden.

Earlier, Felix had six exits that also included Deliveroo (LON: ROO), Farfetch (NYSE: FTCH), an online luxury fashion retail, and Peleton (NASDAQ: PTON). The firm has crypto exposure that includes investments in several Web3 products, including Ledger, Sorare, a fantasy football platform powered by NFT, and Lightspark, a bitcoin lightning network company. Felix funded other Fintech companies like Juni, a banking platform, and Forter, a payment processing platform. Felix has also invested in VanMoof, an e-scooter company.

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