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Oil and gas company ExxonMobil takes advantage of excess natural gas for crypto mining

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Mar, 25 2022

Mar, 25 2022

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United States-based biggest oil and gas enterprise ExxonMobil is reportedly taking part in a pilot program that uses excess natural gas that would otherwise be burned off from North Dakota oil wells. To strengthen crypto mining machines and operations this was done according to a current document that quoted people acquainted with the matter. As per the report, it may be expanding its operations to four other countries.

Natural gas flaring takes place when an oil or gas company processes oil from shale and the oil extraction method releases extra gas. Transporting natural gas requires pipelines which can't always safely accommodate the quantity produced. Companies are frequently compelled to burn off any extra gas or vent it into the air, subsequently harming the surroundings and the firms’ income margins. Some oil corporations have found methods to convert flare gas into beneficial energy. Instead of burning off the gas, diverting it to crypto mining reportedly reduces carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions by around 63%.

 In January 2021 the organization launched the pilot program. American energy producer Exxon Mobil went with a deal with Crusoe Energy to use extra gas from oil wells in North Dakota to run Bitcoin (BTC) miners. The task reportedly makes use of 18 million cubic ft of natural gas per month which is roughly 0.4% of the oil giant’s reported operations in the state, producing 158 million cubic feet of natural gas every day. The document says that Exxon Mobil’s pilot is taking place at an oil pad placed close to the Bakken shale basin which is the foremost source of natural gas for the United States. According to the report, people acquainted with the matter informed that they could not be named due to the fact the records are now not public. However, the people stated that currently, Exxon Mobil is working with Crusoe Energy Solutions in the nation of North Dakota.

The organization is now reportedly planning to expand to Nigeria, Argentina, Guyana, and Germany. In addition to planning to launch a similar mission in Alaska.

About Crusoe Energy:

Crusoe Energy is an association that offers oil and gas corporations a digital solution to natural gas flaring. It helps gas organizations use flare gas to mine digital currencies like bitcoin (BTC). According to a document from Argus Media, as of September 2021, Crusoe Energy operated 60 data centers for crypto mining throughout four U.S. states, powered by means of gas from the oil wells that would otherwise be burned on site.

Other firms taking similar steps:

In August 2020, Arcane Research leaked a wide variety of screenshots from the Norwegian state-owned publicly traded energy firm, Equinor. Reportedly, Equinor’s which was also working with Crusoe Energy Solutions in North Dakota was aimed at lowering flaring from oil operations through bitcoin mining. As per the mid-February report, oil and gas massive ConocoPhillips was once running a program in the Bakken shale basin region and allegedly “selling extra flare gas to bitcoin miners in North Dakota.”

Other firms providing gas to bitcoin services:

Companies Upstream Data and EZ Blockchain provide gas to bitcoin services as well. Greenidge Generation additionally uses extra gas to mine bitcoins alternatively of wasting or burning the energy. EZ Blockchain detailed last year in May that the organization was once working with an oil and gas issuer from Texas, Silver Energy. At the time, EZ Blockchain stated that Silver Energy set up a mining system in Alberta, Canada month earlier in February 2021. 

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