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Free speech social media platform Parler launches DeepRedSky NFT marketplace with new Trump NFTs

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Mar, 02 2022

Mar, 02 2022

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Today, popular free speech social media platform Parler announced the launch of DeepRedSky which is a new Solana NFT marketplace. It plans to sell the NFT collection featuring former President Donald Trump.

DeepRedSky will offer NFTs based on Solana's blockchain and will accept credit cards for the purchase of digital assets. The 45th president of the United States is the focus of the first collection, "Official CryptoTrump Club. There will be 10,000 NFTs that will feature former President Donald Trump in a variety of settings, from the U.S. Congress and beyond. Each of these CryptoTRUMP is unique. Among this 10,000 NFT collection, 250 are categorized as extremely rare NFTs. According to chief executive officer CEO of Parler, George Farmer DeepRedSky’s fees will be higher. Although he didn’t comment anything on the number of fees it can be.

These collections were hand-painted by a conservative American artist, Jon McNaughton. The social media platform, which is popular among United States conservatives, partnered with the artist to produce the art. As per the press release, with symbolic imagery, McNaughton hoped to "capture the essence" of Trump's presidency. These include a variety of settings, priced at $2,750 each. One of them was Trump holding a snake by its head. Earlier, Trump had promised to "drain the swamp" of political corruption in DC. Thus, snake imagery is used as a symbol of it. Another image shows Trump in a tuxedo holding a diet Coke; another shows him in a cowboy hat, slung over his shoulder with a gunbelt. There is also a picture of Trump with an eyepatch covering his left eye while he is dressed in a beach suit.

Farmer said “We want to work with somewhere between sort of 50 to 100 brands, and we want to offer a far more full-service provision than OpenSea currently offers, which is basically just minting and a place to put them up,”. “We want to help you with brand promotions, with social media, with Discord,” the social media app that has become a popular home for NFT collectors.

DeepRedSky will also provide consulting services to customers who are willing to sell NFTs, guiding them through creation, marketing, and distributing those crypto assets.

DeepRedSky is the latest project Parler has been involved with. Other influential figures will also be featured including rapper Ye (Kanye) West and billionaire Elon Musk. Previously, Parler was involved in the Melania Trump and Solana NFT projects.

Parler CTO Sam Lipoff said in the coming months, the platform would feature a large range of NFTs including both partisan and non-partisan which he hopes may diversify the audience a little.

Earlier project Parler was involved with:

According to Farmer, in January First Lady’s office sell its first NFT through Parler. The collection involved images from a 2018 state visit with French President Macron. Now they are also working on the second group of NFTs which was announced in February by Melania Trump. In this current project, Melania decided to sell 10,000 NFTs for $50 each, featuring pictures from Trumps’ time in office.

Other platforms integrating non-fungible tokens:

Twitter and subscription-site OnlyFans have integrated non-fungible tokens for users to experience allowing verified NFT profiles.

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