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Enjin coin to launches headquarters in Bloktopia metaverse

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Jan, 11 2022

Jan, 11 2022

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On 4th January 2022 Enjin, a top Polkadot project has announced via Twitter that it is launching its new headquarters in the Bloktopia metaverse.

This new space is intended to flaunt its developing NFT ecosystem and tasks. As an ever-increasing number of associations fill the metaverse, it is quickly becoming stylish to have a committed office in the virtual world. Disregard remote working, virtual working could be a key feature of 2022.

In 2021, Enjin's Efinity has won Polkadot's 6th and the last para chain launch with a commitment of more than $214 million in DOT. Efinity is Enjins versatile, decentralized, and cross-chain NFT foundation. To grow its quality in the NFT markets, Enjin is presently situating itself close to other crypto brands that have set up homes in the metaverse.

Entering the metaverse by setting up its headquarters in Bloktopia is a fascinating method for facilitating occasions and investigating better approaches for continuing continuous community commitment. In November, Enjin launched a committed $100 million US Metaverse Fund to help people and associations dealing with the Enjin ecosystem, metaverse activities, gaming, and NFTs. The group at Enjin works with spearheading projects that are vivid, decentralized conditions.

 A bridge from the physical into the virtual world, Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse assembled and supported by the Polygon Network.

 It is home to the absolute greatest brands in Crypto. Remarkably styled looking like a Skyscraper comprised of 21 levels, giving recognition to 21 million Bitcoins accessible. It comprises land that can be bought by Blok token holders. Each of the holders is known as Bloktopians. It is unequivocally centered around four classes of commitment: learn, procure, play and make. Eventually assisting all clients with exploring the universe of crypto and partaking in a vivid metaverse experience.

Enjin will utilize the new headquarters to feature activities and host occasions. Other notable associations, for example, ConsenSys and Sotheby's launched committed areas in the Decentraland Metaverse in 2021. Real Estate in the metaverse is presently at an unsurpassed high. As more people become mindful of the potential income-producing open doors presented inside these virtual universes, more brands make certain to see the need to foster a presence there.

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