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Women ruling the Bitcoin Cause: Stand up for Blockchain Teaching in Africa

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Mrigwani Vandana

CBW -External Analyst


Jan, 12 2021

Jan, 12 2021

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It is not undisclosed that women are underrepresented in the financial and technology industries. In the U.S, women only hold a sector of computing-related jobs. Some segments, like software engineering, fare even poorer, with female representation as low as 15%. And now along comes Blockchain, a technology that talents a global uprising through decentralization. 


Blockchain has already initiated to renovate many industries, from finance and supply chain management to healthcare and control. Though, it has yet to suggestively change the demographics of the tech industry. 


Africa coats a different picture: 

In Africa, the story has been changed. The continent has significantly taken to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and women have been singing a key role. Despite the tech industry traditionally being a ‘boys’ club,’ a fast-growing number of courageous, dedicated, and focused women have taken the industry by storm, growing to several positions of power and influence. 


In Africa, women have faced downgrading for centuries. Economic exclusion, absence of access to education, limited participation in political decisions, gender-based violence, – these are just a few of the various challenges that the continent’s women face. 


This has been one of the causes of Bitcoin, and the underlying Blockchain technology has attracted many women. For them, Blockchain aptitudes freedom. The technology gives them confidence that they can break free from the chains of financial captivity by the legacy methods, decades of corruption, lack of chances, and more. 


For instance, in Botswana Alakanani Itireleng has been at the forefront in speaking the Blockchain gospel. Recognized as ‘The Bitcoin Lady,’ she is the originator of Satoshi Centre, a Blockchain hub that works with numerous developers to use Blockchain to solve Africa’s biggest tests. 


Blockchain Africa Ladies: 

In Africa, Bitcoin had become identical with scams after numerous investors lost millions of dollars to Ponzi schemes. This was the initial thing Doris set out to variation, educating thousands of Nigerians about Bitcoin and the world of chances it opens up. 


She understood that women were massively underrepresented in Bitcoin and Blockchain. She set out to transform this, ultimately leading to the birth of Blockchain African Ladies (BAL). BAL is a non-profit organization that teaches African women about Blockchain technology. The organization has grown quickly and now has followers in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, and several other countries. 


Her wish to make African women financially constant led to the formation of Crypto Lioness, a platform she uses to teach women about crypto trading. Crypto Lioness permits the women to link via WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social media platforms to study the do’s and don’ts of share tips, and crypto trading, hear from experts and support each other. 

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Mrigwani Vandana

CBW - External Analyst


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