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Korean crypto deal company launches $120 million funds for Blockchain plans

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Mujumdar Shivangi

CBW -External Analyst


Jan, 10 2021

Jan, 10 2021

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South Korea’s Cut up has recognized a new fund to finance developing Blockchain startups. Cut up, one of South Korea’s biggest crypto asset fund managers has raised $120 million to fund new Blockchain undertakings in the so-called “protocol economy.” 


The funds were high through the Hashed Ventures Inc., a new unit that will supervise the deployment of the nine-figure investment. The company has yet to reveal its backers, though a spokesman showed that some of South Korea’s largest IT companies are involved. 


In the declaration, the company stated about the launch: 


Hashed plans to put in seriously in domestic and overseas startups that need to understand the protocol economy, which has in recent times arisen as a hot topic, as well as technology companies in the Blockchain field from side to side the development of this first fund. 


The fund will put domestic and global startups to make use of Blockchain technology to disrupt the “protocol economy,” a wide umbrella term that refers to emerging platforms and requests. 

It established in Seoul and Silicon Valley, Hashed markets itself as a group of Blockchain experts pushing the indicator on decentralization. The company’s investment portfolio comprises dozens of crypto companies, together with notable Blockchain projects like Ethereum, Ontology, EOS, ICON, and Kyber Network. 

The company’s investments are at this time spread across Blockchain display place, applications, financial infrastructure, pick-and-shovel plays, and circulating. 


South Korea has arisen as a hotbed of Blockchain development and digital asset markets regardless of government crackdowns on personalize coin offerings and domestic exchanges. In recent times, the country’s influential crypto lobby was effective in delaying a new tax rule on digital assets until 2022, giving local businesses more time to adapt to the rules. 

Hashed did not straightaway answer back to a request for the comment. 

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Mujumdar Shivangi

CBW - External Analyst


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