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CoinDCX pledges to educate crypto-curious Indians

Crypto Business World
published on Tue, 15 Sep 2020
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CoinDCX pledges to educate crypto-curious Indians

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CoinDCX, an Indian Crypto trading company recently declared two latest instructional training courses for crypto investors and experts. Without worrying about any conceivable anti-crypto enactments in the near future, Indian crypto companies have started introducing educational programs and professional coaching for the crypto-inquisitive folks. CoinDCX, which deals in cryptocurrency tokens, reported in the first week of September 2020 that, it will consolidate a web-based training and a certified blockchain course under the organization called Blockchain Council. 

These two particular courses on the new age digital currency trading will train people and the new partners will provide their expertise. These programs will broaden the scope of CoinDCX’s existing learning platform named “DCX Learn” and it will also supplement trainees with mock sessions using the company’s interface for mimicking exchange experience. The new exchanging and digital currency skill courses will supplement the Blockchain Council’s current programs running under blockchain innovation i.e., Bitcoin, Hyperledger, and Ethereum, the courses will give a detailed understanding of many subjects like crypto ratings etc. Blockchain Council’s executive director opined that the organization’s educational goal is to be industry-driven and career-oriented. Blockchain Council’s partnership with a crypto trading firm like CoinDCX will guarantee that the education offered is practical and up-to-the-mark in relation to the latest advancements in the field.

As indicated by CoinDCX, the majority of demand is generated by specialists in the cryptocurrency tokens who are all rooted in Bengaluru, in the Indian state of Karnataka. The training program stretches the partnerships promise to amplify awareness and deepen the acquisition game of crypto in the nation. In the month of March, CoinDCX had assigned around$1.3 million towards the development of a long-term under-taking named TryCrypto. The aim of TryCrypto is to acquaint 50 million Indian traders to crypto and blockchain industry.  As of the first six months of 2020, the company could gain as much as $3 million Series A round which was financed by Bain Capital. CoinDCXalso gained an investment of $2.5 million from Coinbase and Polychain Capital. Yet, the crypto’s regulatory environment and legal atmosphere remain ambiguous, as authorities allegedly speculated alternative structures to limit the exchange of digital assets.



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