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Cryptocurrencies: bags the advertising zone, conquers the TV and social media. Rules the virtual world in key timing

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published on Mon, 24 Aug 2020
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Cryptocurrencies: bags the advertising zone, conquers the TV and social media. Rules the virtual world in key timing

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The COVID19 has proven fortunate for DC and the crypto world. As the world went on a standstill and many have turned towards the virtual zone. This turbulent time of 2020 have crushed all set records, some sources believe the continual fiscal stimulus is the prime reason why the cryptocurrency is enjoying success when traditional financial have fallen apart.

The insight moves from the crypto mind have made the investors invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and one of its reflection is when MicroStrategy (one of the largest business intelligence firm in the world) startled everyone last week when they invested $250 million directly into Bitcoin, expressing their trust on Bitcoin as the superior hoard of value than the other financial assets and will deliver better long-term appreciation than holding fiat currency. Yet another pragmatic revelation for cryptocurrency is its expansion and growth of asset which seems to be unceasingly increasing in the upcoming months for the fact of its involvement in largescale ads and publicity. The cryptocurrency fund manager Grayscale investments are now predominantly advertising its services in the US. Though this is not the first time when the exchanges and fund managers have taken up advertising this time the sheer audience is in a larger mass.

 On 10 Aug the Grayscale television launched ads that are optimized to be a major buffer to reach out to the larger audience and suspecting the increment in investment to inflow in crypto. Grayscale’s ad has now conquered on the TV screens, social media, and the traditional media, the newspapers. The ads are so emotive that it encourages people to invest in bitcoin.

Joshua Frank; the CEO and CO-Founder quote in one of his interviews: “a few years ago, he could never expect ads on cryptocurrency but lately as Bitcoin has been gold narrative which is the reason that a print ad has been pursued. Trying to get an older generation who invests in gold to view Bitcoin as a digital alternative.” Frank also holds a strong belief in the social media reaction, It never fails to uplift business and attracts people of all generations.

And the final key to set the advertising campaigns is the action incorrect timings and since in this lockdown where are eyeballs are freeze on TV screen and desktop, this is the best time to grab a mass audience for crypto world



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