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John McAfee to Launch Untraceable Ghost Cell phone Data Service along with other Products

Ingle Jayashree
published on Tue, 25 Aug 2020
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John McAfee to Launch Untraceable Ghost Cell phone Data Service along with other Products

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McAfee anti-virus founder, Bitcoin lover, and industrialist John McAfee has announced another unique venture with privacy-driven mobile data service ‘GHOST’. The launch is scheduled somewhere in September of this year.

McAfee reveals his plans to launch Ghost Coin and Ghostx Exchange along with this service. The service will be integrated with ghost coin.  Ghostx atomic swap exchange will be launched on 20 June.

John claims that the GHOST service will maintain the anonymity of the user’s identity and location of the cell phone to make it untraceable for any central power. The new service which considers “Privacy as a Human Right” will be open for the general public and will be integrated with the Telegram app.

In a series of tweets, John elaborated on his plans and vision about his new venture.

Talking about the Ghost Coin in a video posted on Twitter, he says “privacy is the basis to explore freedom and the Ghost Coin will be equivalent to Monero privacy coin in terms of privacy.

John McAfee’s Vision 

The blog post states:

“A decentralized private network that can communicate anonymously should be utilized for so much more than just sending numeric values back and forth. A driving factor in our mission is to provide substantial value in unique external products and services. A network can only be as valuable as the utility it provides.”

The blog post clarifies the notion that the new venture is not an attempt to create just a new platform for chatting and forcing users to adopt it. But it is to liberalize them from the shackles of the central governments and their control on the privacy of the people.

Telaghost - Encrypted Mobile Application 

Telaghost mobile app will also be launched in alliance with the Telegram app. The users can use their existing contacts and accounts while adopting the network. Telaghost users will be allowed to log in from their existing accounts, using the same contacts, and the same groups along with existing settings. The app can be accessed on iOS, android systems, desktops, MacOS, and Linux.


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